Social Work Registry

One tool that ASWB has developed to facilitate professional mobility for social workers is the Social Work Registry. For more than a decade, the Registry has been collecting and storing vital credentialing documents, making it easier for licensed social workers to apply for a license in additional jurisdictions.

About the Registry

The Registry lets social workers establish a permanent file containing primary source records important to their social work career. At the participant’s request, this information can be transmitted to any regulatory board to apply for licensure.

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How it works

Each record contains copies of detailed application materials, as well as original copies of education transcripts, social work examination scores, and verification of any clinical supervision received. In addition, when a summary of a record is prepared for a licensing board, ASWB checks the applicant’s identifying information against ASWB’s Public Protection Database (PPD) and provides that information to the board as well.

The Registry will verify the following categories of information from primary sources:

  • Identity
  • Education
  • Social work examination results
  • Licensing history
  • Clinical supervision (if applicable)
  • Disciplinary actions reported to ASWB’s Public Protection Database

In addition, the Registry will store the following unverified information provided by social workers:

  • Continuing education courses completed
  • References
  • Employment history
  • Other professional credentials (ACSW, BCD, etc.)