The zen of licensure endorsement

Category: labor issues, license by endorsement

Date: February 28, 2019

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ASWB recently took a major step forward in its public protection mission by changing its Model Social Work Practice Act to add “licensure by endorsement” wording.  The model law gives social work regulators and state lawmakers a concrete example of good legislation. It’s part of an effort to make the laws governing social work regulation in different places more consistent.

What does that mean to social workers who need to add a license? When they add a similar license in a jurisdiction that uses endorsement language, they typically must meet fewer requirements.

The new endorsement language includes two application steps.  Currently licensed social workers must 1. submit an application and fees, and 2. provide evidence of a license in good standing.  Boards may review the candidate’s application for disciplinary actions before endorsing the license.

Endorsement is an elegant, streamlined solution that reduces stress and paperwork for social workers and increases access to safe, competent social work professionals for clients.

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