A model for regulatory best practices

Category: license by endorsement

Date: May 15, 2019

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The message from social workers is clear—they want to be able to add a license easily when they move to a new jurisdiction or need to practice across borders via technology. And they sometimes feel frustrated when differences in regulation make practice mobility a challenge.

For years, ASWB has been stepping up to ease that challenge. One important way the association helps regulators and legislators understand best practices in creating laws that regulate social work is the creation and upkeep of the ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act. Since it’s informed by a national perspective, the model law promotes increased public understanding of social work and increased mobility for qualified social workers. A recent revision added endorsement language to model how jurisdictions should handle applications from social workers who already hold a license in another jurisdiction. And since it comes from ASWB, whose mission is protection of the public, the model law’s users can be assured that safety and competence remain at the forefront.

For a model law crash course, watch our new Model Social Work Practice Act video. Get smart about how ASWB helps legislators, regulators, social workers, and members of the public communicate with and educate those who can make changes that simplify mobility for social workers.