Learning the local language: License titles and practice mobility

Category: advice for social workers, special requirements

Date: September 5, 2018

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When travelers visit a new region, even inside their own country among people who speak the same language, they might find that they need a new vocabulary for familiar items. What they call “soda,” others might call “pop,” or they might need to ask for directions to the “freeway” rather than the “highway.”

Likewise, licensed social workers who want to be licensed in a new jurisdiction might discover that its substantially equivalent license is called by a different title. Their LCSW might be called LICSW elsewhere, even though the social workers using those titles have met similar requirements and practice in similar ways. Practice mobility often means getting to know new laws.

Learning about differing license titles helps social workers with practice mobility just like learning the local language helps travelers with communication. And ASWB resources help social workers learn what they need to know to add a new license.

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