The world is moving fast, and you’re moving with it. What about your social work license? Social work practice mobility and license portability are a public safety issue, a workforce issue, and a technology issue. The Association of Social Work Boards is leading the profession in solving this challenge. Learn more and become part of the solution!

Practice Mobility. License Portability.

It's a technical difference that has some important implications for licensed social work practice. Whether you get a new license to practice in an additional state (practice mobility), or get permission to practice with your current license across state boundaries (license portability), ASWB is committed to  finding the right solution for public protection and for professional opportunity.

Focusing on what is common. Discuss and resolve differences. Trust is critical.

Social Work Skills. Digital Tools.

The digital universe is expanding, giving social workers many options for serving clients remotely. But what about the ethical and legal challenges of electronic practice? These new tools call for new ways of thinking about the relationship between client and social worker.

The digital egg has cracked! Digital tools require a new way of approaching social work

Here Today. There Tomorrow.

Everything is packed and ready to go. The moving truck is on its way. Why should your social work license have to stay put? The solution is in finding common ground and establishing consistent standards for social work licensing.

Recognize: There is more than one way to assess competencies Establish consistent standards for social work licensing Competencies are moving targets.
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